Biding Time

by Lesser Men

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SDR - 024

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released June 30, 2017

Written and Performed by Lesser Men
Produced and Mixed by Greg Thomas
Engineered by Greg Thomas and Chris Yeterian
Recorded at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT
Assistant Engineering by James Thomas
Pre-production by Chris Yeterian
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Artwork by Kyle Lusty
Additional Lyrics and Performances by Jason Osman, Chris Yeterian, Derek Lamoreaux and Greg Thomas


all rights reserved



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Track Name: All Is Well
I’ve been worrying myself with things that are so insignificant
Because in sixty years I’ll be one with the earth
And long before then I’ll be dead to society
A faint trace of a memory
It’s so indicative of the human race
To be so self involved and to think we are lasting
That we’ll be remembered
To think any choice we make will dictate change at all
But it simply won’t
We all cherish our ego and live to keep appearances up
Is there value to a monotonous life
And is there merit to staying between the lines
If it won’t matter when I reach the end
I’d rather do the things that make me happiest
Track Name: Full of Doubt
I find it hard to believe that this is a product of nothing
I find it hard to accept a Shepherd would leave His flock suffering
I find it hard to give praise with the state of the world so alarming
I find it hard to have hope if there truly is Nobody listening
I wish I could be sure, resolve my hesitation, turn around
Finally find closure, but my head is full of doubt
Because at 21 I have seen enough of what God and religion have to offer
It happened decades ago before my parents moved in
A tragedy befell 38 Miller Road
A daughter was raped and murdered
And the parents carried the sorrow for thirty years
Eventually the weight grew unbearable
So Paula left Bill alone and in his grief
He loaded his gun, put the barrel to his head, and pulled the trigger once
She returned to their home, to the years and the memories
To find stage three cancer in both her ovaries
So I’m questioning how long it will take until
I’m a God-less man in a Hell-like place
I find it hard to believe a family could be so abandoned
I find it hard to accept a loving Father would create a world this grim
I find it hard to give praise after I’ve seen this malignant display
I find it hard to have hope if no Echoes of Mercy are ringing
Track Name: Wasting Breath
Do I even have the words to convey my condolences
Or am I just wasting breath on words that can’t be said
Because so many souls have been claimed
And laid where I don’t know
And I can’t seem to grasp how we continue on with our lives
Keep moving on, collectively, humanity, our families and friends
Keep moving on, pushing disaster to insignificance
We are ignoring reality
Heads down, eyes closed, minds averted
Deaf ears have turned to everything
Afraid if we look up we’ll see
This world is cataclysmic
Do I even have the words
Track Name: Trance
I’ve spent the past six weeks sleeping upright in the passenger seat
Creating distance from every person I know
Will they wait for me or let me go
Like I’ve let them go
I’m trading the ones I love to drift from city to city
And I would understand if they discarded me
As they spend their time concerned
All while I was falling in love with international strangers
Too selfish to resit and I repent
I left you all when you needed me most
And I’ve been chasing a ghost
I never thought it would be like this
Take me back to the moments I missed
Track Name: Beckon Me
I fear that I’ve become someone else
Someone darker, much darker than myself
I used to be steady in my ways, never stumbling
But now I feel my disposition change
I’ve seen the vibrance fade to grey
And I have reached the point
Where the bleakness stays
Like a quiet humming or a dull pain
You may distract yourself, but it won’t go away
A boisterous mind with lively hands
That’s who I used to be
But now my thoughts are shrouded in a dismal cloud
My hands idle with uncertainty
Every now and then there are moments of clarity
Track Name: Masked
I saw something in my father’s eyes
Heard something foreign in his voice
And I don’t know what it was
I just know I’ve never seen before
And I never want to see it again/
And I never want to hear it again
He’s awakened by the phone
An officer at the end of the line
Reporting an accident
I can see it unfold in his mind
He approaches the room
Where his son lies
Confined by machines
Keeping the young man alive
I can only imagine the guilt
The burden weighing him down
Could I have raised a better man
Again I hear that sound
Will I be the parent who has to bury their kid
I’ve done this twice before, don’t make me do it again
He said to me with eyes that night
Well don’t worry, I will not falter
I won’t become a slave to the bottle
Like your grandfather or mother
I won’t dig myself into the grave
All I ask is you put your trust in me
Track Name: Bottled Burden
With every passing day I feel urge increase
To desert this place that’s smothering my flame
Convoys of bitter beings, closer they surround
Together, passionless, they let fire go out
Some of their embers still glow, only recently doused
But the majority carry their ash around
Hopelessly complacent in this dead end town
But I won’t let that be me, I’ll burn this city down
Track Name: 2,305
I am perplexed absolutely
Regarding your lack of awareness
Your husband and your children, drifting further and further away
From the creed and the congregation that you hold so dear
And I’m not saying this to hurt you, I just can’t stay silent anymore
There is nothing holy about this place
And I refuse to sing this false prophet’s praise
There is nothing holy about this place
And I refuse to subscribe to this fatalistic hate
Marked decent and a hollow chest
If only my blood could ease unrest
From the pulpit and to the gallows
Track Name: Malice
Our homes are built on a ground unhallowed
Behind the walls of your sanctuary
You can see there are countless like me
Hear us scream to the greying sky
When all is lost and we are left to die
Still, no regrets, I put my faith in us
The wolf that you glorify pulls you further and further away
Speaks with a sword in the place of his tongue
Can you hear the malice
Do you understand the message
I will not stay silent

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