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SDR - 001

Pressing info:
25 Blue-Tint
25 Clear Gray

Pre-order the cassette tape at http://sundaydriverecords.limitedrun(dot)com/products/557120-frontage-disillusioned


released January 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Sunday Drive Records Houston, Texas

Sunday Drive Records is an independent record label based in Texas that was started in 2015 by some friends who share the same passion for music. The goal of this record label is to simply help great musical artists by providing physical albums, promotion, booking, & graphic design. ... more

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Track Name: Distant
My head is spinning circles
Around the thought of time
An effort made to forget
Seems an effort so sublime
You’re never thinking of me
When your eyes are set to close
I open my to forget but the rest we’ll never know

And there’s nothing left here

Can I ask you where you’ve been?
I won’t ask you this again
Where you’ve been
Track Name: Reflections
My eyes are closed, but I’m still breathing
The faith I have will slowly fade
Inside this dream, my mind is racing
But only here can I be safe.

These thoughts of darkness
Are way too deep
The slope I stand on
Is far to steep

At times I feel so lost
I feel I don’t know who I am
I can never trust myself to think
It’s all become invalidating

I can’t breathe with these weights around my feet
It’s nothing to let go
There’s more than just defeat

I look in the mirror
I don’t know who I see
Is this all that I’ll ever be
Track Name: Perpetual Season
Same month different year
Nothing else has changed
The reflections in the mirrors blurred
As the light around me fades
Winter’s cold brings a dawn
For all of us to see
but how can I forget the past
That lingers for me

Seasons colors change just like it always does
I’ve watched with my own eyes as darkness turns to dusk
Gotta find a way to get you off my mind
It’s not as easy as it seems but it get’s easier with time

Seasons colors change just like it always does
I’ve watched with my own eyes as darkness turns to dusk
Take your time again, learn to breathe and then
You'll start to realize I’m not coming back this time
Track Name: Forward Momentum
Caught up in this memory I’ve lost the meaning
Slowly slipping underneath there goes my balance
I sat and watched with my own eyes watched you drift away from me
Helplessly asking why I could not save you

But for me I thought you were something more
And for me, there’s nothing wrong with always wanting more

What is it? Where you are
We’re always spinning circles
But you always seem so far

Who pulls the strings? what makes us move?

So what’s the point for all this time?
Watching days turn into weeks and again the seasons changed
The world will keep on moving
I will keep on moving and I’ll have no one else to blame.
Track Name: Stray
Trying to search and see past this immorality

I am the same as everyone

All these roads that we take end in the same place

I wish I had more time
To find out what I need
To take a look inside myself
A change to sow the seems

Dreadful notion shows up at my door
Cause I don’t know just who I am is what you’re looking for

Growing up what we see in this world is filled with nothing
Years go by and everything stays the same endlessly

Digging deep just to find myself what I thought is truly lost

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