1. all under heaven
    Freehold, New Jersey
  2. Anklebiter
  3. Anxious Arms
    Sacramento, California
  4. Broken Head
  5. Broken Vow
  6. Dull Mourning
    North Carolina
  7. Ease
    Sacramento, California
  8. Fake It
    Sacramento, California
  9. Feverchild
    Ghent, Belgium
  10. mad honey
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  11. Money
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  12. Juan Cordero
    Dallas, Texas
  13. New Design
  14. I Was Afraid
    Little Rock, Arkansas
  15. Leaving Time
    Jacksonville, Florida
  16. Glare
  17. Hesitate
    Toronto, Ontario
  18. Hollow Suns
    Tokyo, Japan
  19. New Methods
    San Antonio, Texas
  20. No Longer at Ease
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  21. Painful Choice
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Houston, Texas
  23. Pummel
    Boston, Massachusetts
  24. The Arrival Note
    Tampa, Florida
  25. The Sunset Doctrine
    San Antonio, Texas
  26. Photographic Memory
    Los Angeles, California
  27. Sergio Anello
    New Jersey
  28. Sign Language
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  29. Sparing
    Raleigh, North Carolina
  30. SPARK
  31. Squint
    St. Louis, Missouri
  32. Still
    St. Louis, Missouri
  33. Trembler
    Houston, Texas
  34. Utmost.
    New York, New York
  35. Weathering
    Sacramento, California


Sunday Drive Records San Antonio, Texas

Sunday Drive Records is an independent record label based in Texas that was started in 2015 out of a passion for music and design by Jonathan Lee Gonzales. The label started in a dorm room with a strong DIY foundation focused on community and art. SDR has released 50 albums from local, national and international bands, ranging in genres from punk/hardcore to indie and alternative-rock. ... more

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