Trailhead: A Brief Recollection Of Early Home Demos

by The Sunset Doctrine

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Crafted from the comfort of Sean Lazaga's childhood home, “Trailhead: A Brief Recollection Of Early Home Demos” features three newly-remastered, self-produced tracks recorded between 2011 and 2017. The result is a modest, coming-of-age compilation setting the tone for his forthcoming debut EP out this Fall on Sunday Drive Records.

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released May 22, 2019

All songs written, performed, and produced by Sean Lazaga
Percussion on tracks 1 and 3 by Nick Lazaga
Photography and design by Sean Lazaga
Hand lettering by Nabor Etienne


all rights reserved



Sunday Drive Records Houston, Texas

Sunday Drive Records is an independent record label based in Texas that was started in 2015 by some friends who share the same passion for music. The goal of this record label is to simply help great musical artists by providing physical albums, promotion, booking, & graphic design. ... more

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Track Name: Printing Press
I fear I’m growing insane as my brain starts to wander
The thoughts there they range
From the saddest to the downright strange
And there’s an itch in my skin now I can’t seem to pin down
Or even come to terms
That just maybe the scratch that it needs
Is the one I’ve yet to learn

I fear the ghosts of my worries have come back to haunt me
They wait in the floorboards
And rattle their chains when I sleep
And you could measure the toll that it takes on my soul
Just by counting all the lines
That reside under both of my eyes

I think I need some help now
I think I just need to slow down
I think I need to rewrite my songs so I can’t sing along
And I think, oh I think, oh I think
I think way too much
Maybe that’s why I’m stuck

I feel the years slip away as they slow to a crawl
So like a newborn I’ll choke on my tears
Till I feel nothing at all
And there’s a lock on my mouth where only some words get out
And the rest pile up in my throat
And maybe soon I’ll puke up a novel—
A tragic display of repose

I think I need some help now
I think I just need to calm down
I think I need to scrape up my feet just to prove I still bleed
And I think, oh I think, oh I think
I think way too much
Maybe that’s why I’m stuck

Oh, you could only imagine the places I go in my head
Like truck stops and graveyards and hospital beds
And the people there know me by name
Though they’re ghosts all the same
I’m a ghost all the same
Track Name: Room 302
This hotel room is just what we were hoping for
Only a stone's throw from the shore
And a block or two away from the liquor store
And you haven't looked at me that way
For as long as I wouldn't let you
But I let you swim your way back home

Through the towels on the bathroom floor
Through the sheets where I wanted you more
Through the fucked-up lobby door
You broke us in in my shirt you wore

And we drank it down—the wine we poured
As our Yearbook soundtrack played
Under the cosmic dust we swore
That we'd both see again some day
But it's permanent—the buzz it leant
And every slurred sweet nothing said
Still it's nothing new
They’ve been there since the day I met you

We slept in through the weekend's last sunrise
Wiping the makeup from both your eyes
As we hurriedly packed our bags before new guests arrived
And I hadn't looked at you that way
For as long as I wouldn't let me
But I let me drive us both back home

From the sand still in both our teeth
From the sunburns on both of our knees
From the trip we didn't know we'd need
Funny how it worked out perfectly

And I wrote it down—the words you said
And then I tucked ‘em all away
Forewent the pen, instead used lead
In case I make the same mistakes
But it's permanent—the curves and bends
Of every letter's deep indent
Still it's nothing new
They've been there since the day I met you
Track Name: Homestead
It's like I'm walking backwards
On a bed of broken glass
And the destination—
A bad dream I can't take back

So I pace my footsteps
To the beat of a broken drum
But it gets me nowhere
Just right back where I came from

So I wait
Wait for all my bones to mend
Maybe then my frame can stand on its own
But it's you
Your gravity that pulls me under
Drowning in the sweetest slumber when I fall back again

I don't wanna love you like I did before
But your song's still in my head
You're always in my head
I don't wanna love you

Like your favorite fiction
That makes you cry each time
All the words move mountains
But carve out canyons in your mind

Still it's you
Your gravity that pulls me under
Drowning in the sweetest slumber when I fall back

When it rains for days in your broken stare
And a fade to gray stops another prayer
But you feel okay when your fingers cross for a hopeful shade
So come back, homestead lost

When a daydream ends and you feel alone
Orchestrate your comeback, mend your broken bones
But it wears off quick—all that false resolve—and again you slip
So come back, homestead

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